IBEBI Magazine – Space n.04

The new IBEBI Magazine Space n.04

IBEBI Magazine – Space n.04

There is no better time than then present to rethink about the way we live our spaces. That’s a challenge we accepted, with the aim to create dynamic locations able to open our minds and connect us to each other.

The digital evolution is also changing the professional world, increasingly less tied to defined and conventional spaces and times. This led IBEBI to present its NEW VISION OF WORK at Orgatec 2022.

We understood not only that there is a different way of working, but also that there are other spaces, outside the office, where we spend more and more time. This has led us to look for new solutions to furnish dynamic, comfortable environments that allow sharing and collaboration. With the latest news from the IBEBI catalog, we wanted to answer to the current needs of market and people, without betraying the high quality and sustainability standards that are part of our DNA.
« On Making is the perfect representation of evolution, the same brand, the same philosophy, but with a new look and many new projects to share with you. » – so say Alberto and Andrea BEBI, IBEBI sales & marketing director and operations director.

News in sight in 2023 for the Boss table and stool, two products that are fully included among the best IBEBI furniture components for meeting rooms, coworking spaces and other work environments.

Kumo: something new on the horizon

From the transformation that the spaces have undergone in recent years and from the new working models, Kumo was born. A simple and elegant project, oriented towards aesthetic and living comfort.
Characterized by a padded design and different structural and chromatic variations, Kumo is perfectly suited to contract and living environments.